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The Rabbit and the Owl is set in the world of Yril, an ethereal world where light and darkness prevail. Where a once vibrant land once existed now lies a faded shell of its former self. Remnants of an ancient civilization litter the landscape. Whatever fight and struggle for survival that the people who once lived there has since long passed, for now it is obvious that they lost. Now, two kindred spirits, for reasons unknown, have manifested themselves as the Rabbit and the Owl. You will help guide the Rabbit and the Owl through places like tranquil forests, harsh deserts, and crumbling cities while seeing echoes of the past along the way toward a fateful encounter in the depths of Mt. Rulnar.


Development started slowly as a solo endeavor in April 2015. In August 2015, heavy development ramped up as Justin Olesen was brought in for level design, Andrew Chen for art, and David Huff and Patrick Neff for music. The game was formally announced with the launch of a Steam Greenlight campaign. The campaign was a success, being greenlit in 13 days and ending at rank 24 out of over 2000 games on Greenlight. The game has been exhibited at the Sacramento Indie Arcade, iFEST, Power of Play, and Indie Prize. The game will be shown at PAX West in September. A Kickstarter campaign will also be launched at the same time. The game is about 70% complete and will be released in 2017.


  • Control two characters in a monochromatic landscape - the white Rabbit occupies dark areas, and the black Owl occupies light areas
  • A combination of light platforming and deep puzzles
  • ​Puzzles require the Rabbit and Owl to help each other - create blocks, activate levers, ride wind columns, traverse portals, and more
  • Painterly artwork by artist Andrew Chen
  • Calming, original soundtrack composed by David Huff and Patrick Neff to enjoy while solving fun (i.e. difficult) puzzles
  • Each level is a unique combination of mechanics; hours of gameplay
  • Thought-provoking, interpretive story with themes like duality, ​balance, and necessity
  • Game can be fully completed solo, but local co-op (2 controllers or Keyboard/Mouse + 1 controller) will be available if you wish to solve puzzles with a friend
  • Controller support


The Rabbit and The Owl - Opening Cinematic YouTube

The Rabbit and The Owl - Updated Visuals (December 2016) YouTube

The Rabbit and The Owl - Intro Gameplay with Commentary (May 2016) YouTube

The Rabbit and The Owl - Trailer 2 (May 2016) YouTube

The Rabbit and The Owl - Announcement Trailer (March 2016) YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Official Selection - Indie Game Con" Eugene Comic Con, 2016
  • "Official Selection - Gametasting" IndieCade, 2016
  • "Official Selection - PAX Rising" PAX West, 2016
  • "Official Selection - Indie Prize" Casual Connect, 2016
  • "Best in Show" Sacramento Indie Arcade, 2016

Steam Greenlight
Page (we've already been greenlit): steamcommunity.com.

Link: formalsheep.com.

Channel: youtube.com.

About Formal Sheep, LLC

Formal Sheep is an independent game development company which aims to create thought-provoking, surreal, and fun experiences for multiple platforms. It was founded in March 2016 by Gary Chao. Its debut game, The Rabbit and the Owl, is currently under development and is tentatively set to release in 2017 on Steam for PC and Mac. Formal Sheep is currently based near Sacramento, California.

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The Rabbit and the Owl Credits

Gary Chao
Founder, programming, game design, business development

Justin Olesen
Level Design

Andrew Chen

David Huff

Patrick Neff

Topher Pirkl

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